How to choose a wood router

How to choose a wood router:  overview of additional functions

When buying a wood router it is worth paying attention to the availability of additional features and options that improve its technical or operational characteristics.

If the density of the material being processed increases or increases the speed of movement of the router along the product, the number of revolutions may decrease. In order to prevent this and keep the indicators at a given level, it is enough to have a system of constant electronics.

It stabilizes the rotational speed of the spindle by adjusting the power of the electric motor. This feature will be useful to owners of professional devices. Ordinary devices do not need it.

The choice of a wood router

The soft start system, as in the Makit RP1800F manual wood router, will allow you to set the engine speed in a smooth mode. This eliminates the possibility that during powering up the equipment will make a sharp jerk.

As a result, the service life of the tool increases, since its key parts are not subjected to regular, albeit short-term, overloads. Operation wood router becomes safe, and also eliminates the possibility of damage to the workpiece at the initial stage of processing.

The system of protection of the router on the tree against overloads will prevent damage to the device if the temperature of the winding on the electric motor exceeds a critical level.

Depending on the model of the device, it may appear in different ways: as a light indication, which serves as a signal, or as an automatic function, which turns off the power. As a rule, such a system is provided in professional wood routers, which are designed for long-term work in intensive mode.

Protection against accidental start is another useful feature. Regardless of the cost, most mills are equipped with this option. On the body of the tool has a corresponding button. The voltage will be applied to the motor winding only if you press it simultaneously with the start key. As a result, the probability of unintentional switching on of the device is excluded

The choice of a wood router according to design features

Choosing the best router, you need to pay attention to the quality of the support platform or the sole. This element can be made of cast or stamped metal.

Cast designs have a clear geometry so that they fit perfectly to the treated surface and provide high-quality work. Such tools include a hand mill on the Makita RP0900 tree. It has a cast aluminum sole. The stamped platforms are completed with inexpensive mills intended for household use.

Be sure to ensure that the lower plane of the platform was covered with a plastic lining. Most often, this part is removable, which allows you to replace it with a new one when wear and tear occurs.

The size of the opening in the sole also deserves attention. This hole limits the diameter of the cutters that can be installed on the tool. In the sole with a small opening will not be able to install a large cutting nozzle.

wood router

As the tool head moves along guide rods that are placed vertically, it is very important that the movement of this element is light and smooth. If the design has distortions and backlashes, the use of the router will be difficult. The same applies to the excess resistance that may occur in the process of moving the node vertically.

The depth of the cutter in the tree controls the stop. It has the appearance of a metal rod, which rests on the platform on the platform and does not allow the head of the device to fall below the set level. To set the level of deepening it is enough to move the stop bar down or up. For this purpose, the design provides a special screw.

To perform multiple passes, gradually increasing the level of penetration of the cutter, you will need a multi-stage turret stop. It is a platform installed on the platform and having several steps of different heights. A vertical rod abuts this, which limits the depth of passage of the cutter.